23 1600 x 575 pix.jpgGet the word out to retailers. Download materials such as postcards promoting Thinking of You Week from our Toolkit. For those of you that do not have the resources to print postcards or customize and print flyers, postcards are available from the GCA. The Toolkit also features a logo, social media banner, JPEG that you can integrate into your invoices over the summer. Work with retailers to support their events.

  • Get the word out to retailers over the summer:
    • Send a postcard with all orders shipped
    • Stamp your invoices with
    • Include a link to in your emails
  • Collaborate with a local retailer. Provide cards for in-store events
  • Do you have a contact at a local school/senior home/hospital that might help organize an event?
  • Publicize the Week through local media, on your website, social media using templates and downloadable tools from our Toolkit
  • Send cards from your own company
  • Use cards that might otherwise be written off to support your event


Publishers, this is an opportunity to get involved in your local community!

One suggestion is to reach out to a local school – many of us have a contact in a local school even if we don’t have kids.

  1. Find the name of a good contact and explain what Thinking of You Week is all about – Spreading a Wave of Happiness by sending Cards, and encouraging people to connect in writing. The initiative is supported by the USPS with a postmark for September.
  2. Suggest the school teams up with a local nursing home, assisted living center or Veteran’s Home for names of people they can write to. This could be part of a class in addressing envelopes, empathy, thoughtfulness.
  3. Maybe you have overstock of some suitable cards you could donate, and you might want some extras to give to the recipients – they will no doubt want to respond!

Here is a link to a similar initiative in the UK which culminated in the kids going to visit “their” senior – how heart-warming is that! Imagine if we started a trend in local communities all over the United States.

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