Thinking of you Month? Too much for many but those who are sticking at it are already seeing the benefits!

Why limit yourself to sending a card a day for 1 week? Some of us are trying to send a card a day for the entire month and the positive effects are already showing!

Carlos has been sending a card a day for the month of September:

‘On a personal note…I’m loving my sending 30 cards in 30 days and the ripple effect it is having with family and friends—-many of them whom I think of often but have hereto failed to let them know that I am thinking of them. And I am doing so  in a meaningful (with a card!…no checks to anyone yet!) way. As with most good things in life, the time and effort I am putting into it pales in comparison to what I am getting from it!’


Crafting Inspiration – Blog Post

If you need craft inspiration for making your own Thinking of You Week Cards then look no further than Sandy Parker/Crafting for Almost Everyone!

She has a YouTube channel for crafts, which is especially aimed at assisting crafters with disabilities.

I started the channel because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find anyone on YouTube that could tell me which tools would work best for me, or the best ways to do techniques when your hands/wrists don’t work like others.”

Sandy reached to us after hearing about our mission and in response to our Thinking of You Week initiative she’ll be sending cards to her followers with words of encouragement, and to let them know she is thinking of them!

Sandy decided to make her own YouTube channel after wanting to make cards to send to her friends and family; but unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and wrists would not allow her to use the tools and many of the techniques used by other crafters.

She has videos with brilliant insight on the tools, materials and techniques you need for crafting your own cards and even envelopes (and much more!).

Below we have shared one of her videos, but be sure to check her channel for many more.


Blog Post by Emily:

What Thinking of You Week can mean!

A card can really be something you treasure forever.

When I was a child and in my early teens I would write back and forth with my nana who was elderly and often in hospital.

Not only did our letters connect us at the time, when there was a large distance between us, but now she is no longer with us these cards are something I can pull out and read whenever I want to reminisce.

To be able to look back and see her spidery handwriting and her thoughts on paper brings me such happiness and allows me to really remember her.
Something which really can’t be gotten from an email or a text.

To know she selected these cards and spent the time to write them means so much to me and provides me with a connection to her which is irreplaceable.

Thinking of You Week has inspired me to begin writing to the other special people in my life, to share the day to day goings on, as well as happy thoughts and memories.

A card can really mean something, especially when sent between family and friends. You never know when someone might need a small pick me up, and to know that you are thinking of them!


Letter  Writing Groups and Organisations:


Not sure who to write to every day for one week? There are some wonderful groups already devoted to organizing writing campaigns. Here are a few that we found.

More Love Letters – They stock their website each month with new love letter requests. At the end of each month, letter are bundled and delivered..

Love for the Elderly – Write a letter to an elderly person, and Love for the Elderly will deliver it to a senior in need of a warm thought, expression of caring, and connection.

Sunshine Snail Mail – Send cards to kids (and sometimes adults), who could use a smile. Most are battling life-threatening illness, or have suffered great loss.

From the Heart – This community publishes addresses directly on their Facebook page so you can mail letters directly to those in need.

Braid Mission – Their Cards of Hope program sends cards to local group homes and facilities that house youth separated from loved ones.

Joshua 1:9 Mission – Bring joy to those battling cancer, by making and sending cards. This non-profit collects and sends cards weekly to cancer patients around the country.

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