Not sure who to write to every day for one week? There are some wonderful groups already devoted to organizing writing campaigns. Here are a few that we found.

More Love Letters – They stock their website each month with new love letter requests. At the end of each month, letter are bundled and delivered..

Love for the Elderly – Write a letter to an elderly person, and Love for the Elderly will deliver it to a senior in need of a warm thought, expression of caring, and connection.

Sunshine Snail Mail – Send cards to kids (and sometimes adults), who could use a smile. Most are battling life-threatening illness, or have suffered great loss.

From the Heart – This community publishes addresses directly on their Facebook page so you can mail letters directly to those in need.

Braid Mission – Their Cards of Hope program sends cards to local group homes and facilities that house youth separated from loved ones.

Joshua 1:9 Mission – Bring joy to those battling cancer, by making and sending cards. This non-profit collects and sends cards weekly to cancer patients around the country.

How can we Make the World a Better Place?

Greeting card publishers are an upbeat group – spending all day trying to discover new ways to wish people “Happy Birthday,” and “Thank You” tends to do that to you. During a breakfast at the Greeting Card Association’s recent annual convention, the idea of pooling resources to create waves of happiness was put on the agenda.

Happiness is infectious and can “ripple” through social groups such as family and friends  — the British Medical Journal 

Inspired by the GCA in the U.K., publishers in the U.S. recognized that encouraging people to send a card or a letter everyday for one week – just because – could create meaningful changes in our country’s mood. There is nothing quite like receiving a card in the mail!

That was the beginning of Thinking of You Week USA. thinkingofyouweeklogo