Ben the Rooster to Start School Year with Thinking of You Week

This September, Ben the Rooster is creating a wave of happiness with elementary school students during Thinking of You Week.

Ben at Brooklyn Arbor

Ben’s Letter Club is a free pen pal program for elementary school classrooms, and this September, members of the club will kick off the school year by celebrating Thinking of You Week.

The namesake of the club is Ben the Rooster, a pen pal for kids who uses the excitement of mail to encourage literacy, creativity, and friendship. During the school year, Ben writes postcards to his pen pals throughout the country. He tells a story about a recent adventure and prompts his friends to reply. Ben makes it easy to reply because he provides postcards, envelopes, and postage with each of his mailings. Students engage in conversation by drawing a picture on their postcard and writing a note on the back.

Since the 2016-2017 school year, Ben has written with over 1,500 students. Teachers incorporate Ben’s Letter Club into the language arts curriculum in order to practice reading comprehension, penmanship, and conversation.

This year’s schedule for Ben’s Letter Club begins with Thinking of You Week. In his letter to classrooms, Ben will encourage his friends to design a note for their parents. Ben will introduce Thinking of You Week to his pals and provide stationery for the celebration – postcards with space for unique artwork and loving messages.

To learn more and to register a classroom, please visit the following link:

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